Novel Cancer Therapeutics--Overcoming Antigen Silencing

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CytoCure has submitted a patent entitled :"Methods for Up-Regulating Antigen Expression in Tumors," (See Patent Number WO-2004019886)., which was filed August 29, 2003. A wide-reaching patent has been issued in Australia and is under review in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This patent application covers the use of interferon-beta (Dunn et al. 2007; J. Immunol. 179:2134-42) in combination with immunotherapy. This application is the basis for the planned clinical trial.yto

In May of 2011, CytoCure submitted additional patent applications claiming 7 additional compounds, and a large series of drugs with overlapping biological activity,  that enhance antigen expression and gliomas, and enhance HLA antigens on a wide variety of tumor cells.  These additional agents demonstrate the breadth of approaches that CytoCure patents will cover to assure that there will be drugs available to overcome a variety of resistance mechanisms that may be present within any given tumor cell population.


CytoCure's Research Capitalization:

CytoCure's research has been funded privately and by approximately $1 million  in SBIR grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH grants have funded the background work for the up-regulation of antigen expression by Interferon-beta, and additional development grants to fund work for high throughput screening of antigen up-regulating compounds and to characterize the mechanisms controlling antigen expression.

Facilities: CytoCure's laboratory facilities and administrative office are located in Beverly, Massachusetts. The laboratory facilities incorporate a full service tissue culture as well as a dedicated molecular biology laboratory. The company maintains state of the art flow cytometry instrumentation as well as equipment for protein and molecular biological assays.